Speed and Agility

All Sports. All Skill Levels. All Intensities.

Speed. It’s the basis of sport. Get to the ball. Get down the field. Get to the base. Be faster than the competition. Be faster than you were yesterday.

In these sessions, athletes will learn and participate in specific drills and activities that will increase their speed and agility over both short and long distances.
All speed and agility training is designed by Head Speed and Power Coach Laura Sivers. Each one features the goal of creating faster, fitter and more agile athletes, with the methods targeted for the proper developmental level.

For each session or series, the following aims are explored:

  • Proper running biomechanics
  • Increased foot contact reactivity
  • Greater explosiveness on take-off for jumping and plyometric exercises
  • The ability to stop, start and change directions safely
  • Exercises to reduce common injures and imbalances
  • Core Strength development and stabilization

Team Training

Training and equipment is supplied for all team sessions by LifeFit Athletics and is customized to the age and needs of your specific group. Depending upon team size, a minimum of two instructors will be present to help refine technique of your athletes and demonstrate the drills and exercises.
1 hour Team Session (60 min) – $85
3 Team Sessions (60 min) – $240
5 Team Session (60min) -$ 390

1 hour Team Session (90 min) – $135
3 Team Sessions (90 min) – $385
5 Team Session (90min) – $615
Taxes are included. Location booking may incur additional costs.

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“LifeFit Athletics came to our Bantam Girls Basketball practices to give the players some training on how to improve their conditioning and develop speed.  The trainers used a variety of warmup exercises, as well as drills involving sprinting, jumping, movement to build their bodies into machines.  Laura and her team were very knowledgeable in explaining the drills and why they were doing certain movements.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed their training and despite being very sore after their first session, the second one had them asking if they could do it again.  We would definitely recommend LifeFit for team or individual training.” – Colin Jardine Brockville Blazers President, Major Bantam Girls Coach

Small group youth training

By bringing the focus down to just a few athletes, each one receives the individualized attention to identify and correct weaknesses in their form to allow for maximum results in minimum time. 6 week sessions of 1 hour work outs
Private: $350 per athlete
Semi-Private: $170 per athlete
Small group: $150 per athlete
Includes taxes and facility access fees.
*Prices subject to change with the indoor/outdoor season

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Running and training groups

Are you a passionate runner but not sure what is missing from your race?
Looking to improve your stride, training or overall strength for a better (and faster) 2019?    Want to have fun with your friends while improving your running, speed and technique?
There are many training methodologies, exercises and workouts that can help you achieve your goals. Working with an experienced coach might be what you’ve been missing.

Contact us today and let Coach Laura help make this your best year yet!

Plans are customized to fit YOU!


Not quite fitting your timing or needs?  Grab a group of friends – we will set up the program for you!

Strength training plans are also available to fit the needs of our athletes and teams.  Contact Coach Laura today to get set up!



Why Chose LifeFit Athletics?

We believe that the quality of the experience is of the upmost importance. For that reason, all of our staff is fully trained and qualified in their roles. They are certified in first aid and in various sports by the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada. We use a maximum ratio of 1:8 to ensure that every child receives the attention that they deserve. Our business is fully licensed, permitted and insured and follows the guidelines of SafeKids Canada. The staff is all police screened and we do not utilize high school volunteers. But most of all, we are about introducing youth to physical literacy; “Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence and physical competence that will result in engagement in physical activities for life.” , so that they can enjoy the benefits of being active in whatever sports they chose to do.

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