LifeFit offers a number of different options for those looking to either get on the ice or improve on it.  Our goal is to provide you with service and quality programming here in your community.  Our youth deserve it.  YOU deserve it.

If you’ve never skated before, are a high performance athlete, or the coach of a team, we have a program for you!   Check out our our programs and instructor profiles below.

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Team Instruction

Speed. You know its a key part of the game. Out-skating the other team is crucial to winning, to strategy, to momentum. Let us help. We will customize a skating plan to the needs of your team and bring our instructors to you, with a minimum of two on the ice (team coaches always welcome as well!) to work with your athletes to improve stride, strength and speed. Off ice training and drills are also available to be booked.

Single team session: $130 taxes included
3 session package: $350 taxes included
5 session package $540 taxes included

These are to be used on team existing ice-times or additional charges will apply.

Contact us to customize your package

Learn to Skate

Skating is a great way to have fun in the outdoors!  Let your little one get used to skating by joining our qualified instructors on ice and learn through games, activities and FUN!  These classes can help take the complete non-skater to one who is comfortable on-ice.

Each class is limited to 4 skaters to ensure the quality of instruction that we pride ourselves on delivering.

Registration is now open for Winter 2020.

Lessons take place on the outdoor rink at Rotary Park in Brockville.

Class times are  Saturday and Sunday 9-9:45am  or 9:45-10:30am

Lessons begin January 18th and 19th due to the weather on the weekend of January 11/12th.  No Lessons Feb 15/16th due to the Brockville Winter Classic.   8 week session is $96+tax.   Register online now!

Worried about the weather?  Check out our tips and Cold Weather Policy

Private Instruction

Nervous? Not sure where to start? Or have a specific goal in mind?  Whatever the reason, and whatever your needs, we are here for YOU!   Either by finding and booking available ice time, or working with outdoor rinks, we can assist you or your child in learning to skate, or you in mastering a skill that has you stumped.  Day and evening instruction available.

Youth Instructor
1hr Lesson $27
3 lessons $75
6 lessons $140

Head Coach
1hr Lesson $60
3 lessons $165
6 lessons $310

Taxes are included and costs are without ice time.  There are no icetime costs if lesson is taken  on outdoor ice.

Book today!

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us!

LifeFit brings you… SkateFaster!

No matter what else you do, the most important aspect of any game is speed.  The ability to get where you need to go fast. Faster than your opponents. Faster than you did before.  You need to be able to stop, to start, to turn, and do it well to succeed in any ice sport, be it hockey, ringette or speed skating.

SkateFaster! Small Group Instruction

Sometimes it pays off to have a little extra focus. In small group instruction, the instructor to skater ratio is kept low, so everything can be seen, analyzed and responded to.  There is lots of repetitions, drills and no downtime during these sessions allowing the development of the athletes to be maximized.  You can form your own group of 5-6 skaters and book.

SkateFaster! PA Days/Camps

What better way to spend a day off school than having fun on and off the ice?   Our PA Day camps and Power Skating camps are based on a mix of dry land conditioning, speed and agility sessions and on ice sessions to maximize development.  Of course, these are based on games, activities and fun, so the youth are enjoying themselves as they are improving.

SkateFaster! Day Camps

Come spend an day with session leader, qualified National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Performance Speed Skating Coach and CanFit personal trainer,  Jennifer Roney learning how to get that edge.  She has taught everything from complete novices in Learn-to Skate to National level speed skaters with the St Lawrence Rapids and every type of skater in between.

Power Skating and Conditioning

You will spend time completing dryland training, learning proper warm-ups and bio-mechanics for increased quickness on ice.  This will be followed by on an ice session to put into practice what you have learned and receive detailed coaching to improve.  Minimum 2.5  hours ice time included.

This session is suitable for any athlete who would like to improve their speed and skating technique.   Please come with your skates and safety equipment.

PA Day Skating Camp

The PA Day skating camp is appropriate for all levels.  Minimum 2.5 hours of ice time included.   Please come with your skates and a helmet.  Any skaters who participate in hockey or speed skating are asked to bring their regular safety equipment.

During the off ice time the children will have organized games, outside play time and other fun activities lead by our experienced counselors.


Program Design

Jennifer Roney has more than 20 years of coaching skating and is certified at the Competition Development level (NCCP 3) through the National Coaching Certification Program.  She is also a CanFit Pro and was a competitive speed skater herself in her youth.   With a focus on  biomechanics  she can help translate the power in ones stride into speed, making skating easier and quicker all at the same time.

Jennifer Roney

Currently the Head Coach for the St Lawrence Rapids Speed Skating Club, she has taught and coached everything from Learn-to-Skate to Provincial and National level racers.


Why Chose LifeFit Athletics?

We believe that the quality of the experience is of the upmost importance. For that reason, all of our staff is fully trained and qualified in their roles. They are certified in first aid and in various sports by the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada. We use a maximum ratio of 1:10 to ensure that every child receives the attention that they deserve. Our business is fully licensed, permitted and insured and follows the guidelines of SafeKids Canada. The staff is all police screened and we do not utilize high school volunteers. But most of all, we are about introducing youth to physical literacy; “Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence and physical competence that will result in engagement in physical activities for life.” , so that they can enjoy the benefits of being active in whatever sports they chose to do.

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