Regular Weekly Programming

Due to government COVID-19 restrictions, our studio is currently closed.  We hope that all our friends and clients are safe and healthy.   

LifeFit Athletics is going LIVE ONLINE!


In our new reality of social distancing, LifeFit Athletics has been struggling with how to continue our mission of providing quality active programming for the youth in our community. It seems impossible when we’re not able to get together at the studio, in the gym, or even in the local parks. When so many are struggling with just how to cope with the essentials in this new situation, it seemed trivial to worry about kids taking a little break from being active.

But this break is starting to feel long. We’re hearing that kids are missing their extracurricular sports and activities. It’s important to be active but kids are missing seeing their friends, interacting with their coaches, and just being part of a larger group…all those great things that sport participation provides. Our counselors miss the kids too! So with that in mind, our counselors are preparing to go online to lead kids in active play and fitness classes… and to give parents a little break from home schooling too. There will be the regular youth fitness & active play classes plus some fun day camp type activities too. You have the peace of mind that these counselors are local upstanding accomplished athletes who you and your children already know. We feel good about offering something useful to the community until we can return to our normal programming.

Sessions are starting next Monday, April 20th. We’re aiming to have 3 daily live sessions at 10 am, 1 pm, and 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Current monthly membership holders will be able to participate in the online sessions plus have access to the private facebook group LifeFit Athletics ONLINE which features videos, info, and interactive posts. Non-members can subscribe for a month of full access for just $20. Email for more info on how to get your child involved.


Please note that all ages are suggested ranges.  Everyone’s development will be different and that is respected at LifeFit.  If you or your child would like to try a class outside of the noted range, please speak to us.

ActiveFit:  Ages 6-12

A play based class that includes all types of movement- obstacle courses, team and individual games, even circuit training through the indoor playground/bouldering wall.  By using all kinds of different blocks, bands, balls, hoops and hurdles (even balloons and stuffed animals!) athletes get faster, stronger and more confident without the stress of an individual sport.  Built on the FUNdamental movement skills of running, jumping, throwing, kicking and striking, this class is high energy and a great work out, while just feeling like fun!

Mom and Baby: Newborn – Adult

Come join us and work up a sweat while your little one watches, plays or engages!  Suitable for all fitness levels, this class will challenge you with exercises utilizing weights, bands, balls and body weight mixed with cardio and FUN to make getting fit with kids a blast!   Starts Feb 10th 2020.

Speed and Power:  Ages 13-Adult

Core and Flexibility: Ages 13- Adult

Bands, (Kettle)Bells and Body Weight: Ages 11+

Learn to use mini-bands, power bands, kettle bells, hand weights and your own body to have an effective overall strength work out.  This class will focus on ensuring balanced body development to reduce common injuries in athletes.  Don’t let the apparatus fool you, this class can be as tough as you want to make it!


Don’t miss out on any upcoming events or programs!  You can join our mailing list HERE

Need for Speed

You can sign up for any of our running groups here!   They are also included in the youth monthly memberships

Running. It’s the basis of pretty much all land based sport. Soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, are all based on moving, and moving fast. In this focused program, athletes from all sports can learn how to improve their performance by improving their running form, power generation and biomechanics. Based on fundamental movement skills and taught by trained coaches, this session can be run either as a workshop specialized for your team or organization, or offered more generally to the community.

“LifeFit Athletics came to our Bantam Girls Basketball practices to give the players some training on how to improve their conditioning and develop speed.  The trainers used a variety of warmup exercises, as well as drills involving sprinting, jumping, movement to build their bodies into machines.  Laura and her team were very knowledgeable in explaining the drills and why they were doing certain movements.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed their training and despite being very sore after their first session, the second one had them asking if they could do it again.  We would definitely recommend LifeFit for team or individual training.”  – Colin Jardine Brockville Blazers Major Bantam Girls Coach

Contact us today for personal or team training at or by using our contact form.


Power of PLAY!

Summer camp program for kids from 6-12 featuring both organized and low organized games, sports and fitness activities. This includes everything from soccer to tag to child-led play and development. By featuring a wide range of physical and environmental stimulus, children will develop better overall fitness, confidence and physical literacy during a week of summer fun. Stay tuned for location, cost and available weeks!

Summer camp registration is open for Brockville, Gananoque and Prescott!  Check out the camp page for details!

Play isn’t just for children either!  Running, jumping, climbing, throwing.  These all help build fundamental skills and fitness at the same time.    Bring the whole family to try our new PlayFit program featuring low ropes, obstacle courses, collaborative games, relay races and more.  Guaranteed fun, guaranteed fitness!


Active Play Birthday Parties

What is more fun than playing games? Playing active games led by trained facilitators where the kids won’t even know that they are learning important skills for an active life such as jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking!  Depending on the age of the children these can range from parachute games to building with our soft blocks to dodge ball to obstacle courses! Parties take place Saturday and Sunday afternoons at our King St W location, complete with indoor jungle gym playroom, featuring a bouldering wall, cargo nets and monkey bars.  Call or e-mail us to arrange the details.

Includes an hour of guided activities and an additional hour use of our facility.  Utilize it for free play, hanging out in the playroom or food, cake and presents.   We have a fridge  microwave and tables that we can make available to you.

$150+tax for up to 9 children   $10 per additional child, to a maximum of 20.

“Just a note to say what fun and engaging activities Lifefit set up for our 7 year olds birthday party.  LifeFit came equipped with a variety of energy expending and  FUN games. We had a rowdy crew but Laura was able to keep the group in control and entertained all while keeping a ‘party’ atmosphere.  Looking forward to having LifeFit at future parties. Thank you!! Kelly Wu.”


Birthday Parties!.png

Dream BIG

Does your team have a vision? Is there buy in from all the players, coaches and parents? How do you achieve harmony among a wide range of personalities to function as one on the court, field or ice? This facilitated session includes team building, goal setting, reflective time and ends with measurable that have the support and agreement of everyone! Includes all needed materials, handouts and presentations. A summary and motivational materials tailored to your team will be provided post session. Follow-up or ongoing support is available.  E-mail us at to set up a time to connect with your team.


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